The Gulfstream. Poetry of the Gulfcoast



The term “Gulf Stream” refers to a warm current of water that shapes the development of the weather and tidal patterns that define the Gulf Coast. The Gulf Stream affects nearly every facet of life in the region, from the weather that even those inland must endure to the waters fished in the Gulf of Mexico. Appropriately, this anthology borrows the term to refer to those poets whose work has been influenced or shaped by their relationship to one of the Gulf Coast states: Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. We’ve also included some poets from South Georgia, a region that’s culturally and geographically very close to the Gulf of Mexico. These poets represent a cross-section of poetic aesthetics: from mainstream and otherstream, from personal lyrics to experimental meditations. What binds these poets is their connection to their landscape. They are all a part of what we’re calling the Gulf Stream.


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