Collateral Damage 48 Stories


From a wedding night’s eerie revelations to a grandfather’s secret to a reckoning on a French beach and in a therapy session, Nancy Ludmerer’s characters move from loss to repair in unexpected ways. The youngest narrator is entering middle school, the oldest is a Holocaust survivor, and the oddest is a wineglass – or perhaps it’s that big tuna fish. The stories in Collateral Damage: 48 Stories, including many prizewinners, have appeared in such journals as Electric Literature, North American Review, and New Orleans Review and in anthologies in Ireland, the Netherlands, the UK, and Argentina. They have been translated into Spanish, read aloud on public radio, and selected for Best Small Fictions. The book is in two sections: Part I “Collateral Damage” and Part II “In the Repair Shop.” Over forty flash fictions and several longer stories await your reading pleasure.
Collateral Damage 48 Stories
ISBN: 978-1-7346810-7-9

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